AMFB Shopping List

We serve street encampments no children’s items please
Water -Hand Sanitizer-Mask-Sunscreen


Canned Foods w/Zip-Tops (Chili - Soups - Spaghetti - Meats - Tuna cans or pouches)

Fruit Cups

Snack foods individual bags (trail mix chips, cookies, jerky, energy bars)

Juice Pouches or Boxes

Handwritten Note Cards of encouragement

Feminine Hygiene

Men's and Women's Underwear (new)

Grocery/Clothing Gift cards

Mini Mag-lite (Flashlights) w/batteries

Bike Repair Kits

Hygiene Kits

Dental Hygiene Kits

First Aid Kits


Personal Size Wet Wipes

Body Wipes

Toilet Paper

Industrial Trash Bags



Sleeping Bags

Looking for a Van for Outreach Trips & Donation Pick-Ups

Inventory Storage Location

***Call 805.421.0960 to make drop off or pickup arrangements.***